[GRASS-user] bug v.overlay driver dbf ?

Michaël Rabotin michaelrabotin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 04:13:19 EST 2007

Sorry everybody, the problem was with the columns of my first input map.
When I saw the columns of the output map (after v.overlay) with open office,
It was ok but when I use v.db.select to see the dbf table on GRASS, the text
value in the CHARACTER columns was remplaced by numeric value (but these
values were values of a precedent numeric column).
I make a new test with an input map whose name columns were simplified and
it works fine. Maybe the problem was the name of columns (I've got a column
whose name was b_ALP_ ).
Thanks for your interest and sorry for not testing my problem deeper before
asking help from the forum


2007/2/19, Hamish <hamish_nospam at yahoo.com>:
> Michaël Rabotin wrote:
> > Hi everybody, in grass 6.2.1 on fedora 6,
> > with driver dbf,
> > I use the command v.overlay (operator=and between 2 polygons maps),
> > and on the output map, all the column with text are transformed on
> > numeric value. Doesn't anybody know what happened (is this a pb with
> > the driver dbf) ?
> column names from map "A" are prefixed by "a_" and column names from map
> "B" are prefixed by "b_" ? column types should stay the same.
> Hamish

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