[GRASS-user] kriging with GRASS 6.2 and R

Dr. Manuel Seeger seeger at uni-trier.de
Mon Feb 19 06:33:58 EST 2007

Hallo all,

I'm trying to generate a DEM with kriging and trying the workout given 
in the wiki.
When generating the R SpatialGridDataFrame I get this error:
Fehler in validObject(.Object) : invalid class "SpatialGridDataFrame" 
object: invalid object for slot "data" in class "SpatialGridDataFrame": 
got class "list", should be or extend class "data.frame"

I know, its not really a GRASS issue, but perhaps someone can help, what 
I'm doing wrong!



Dr. Manuel Seeger
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Physische Geographie 			Dpt. of Physical Geography
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