[GRASS-user] Navicat PostGRESQL and MYSQL

Jarosław Jasiewicz jarekj at amu.edu.pl
Fri Feb 23 03:16:48 EST 2007

Kurt Springs napisał(a):

> Hi folks,
> I was wondering if anyone has any experience using the Navicat  
> versions of PostGRESQL and MYSQL with GRASS (or qgis).  Navicat  
> provides a gui front end for PostgreSQL and MYSQL.  I was hoping one  
> of these might be easier to use than the opensource text versions.   
> Does anyone know of any opensource versions that have a gui  
> interface, or has anyone had any success at linking Filemaker data  
> bases to GRASS or qgis.
> Kurt Springs
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well navicat is commercial gui frontend for open source servers (there 
are several more!). Both mysql and pgsql has its own open source gui 
fronts ends (pgadmin3 for pgsql and my sql admin and query bulder for 
mySQL). For windows wersion the guis are integrated with servers in one 
isntalation pockets for linux are as spareate packages (to compile or to 
install from repositories)

To use databses gui with grass is out of disscution. It base on 
preferences of user. Generaly with gui it is easier to manage whole 
database, but text interface (db.select and db.execute) are neccesary to 
integrate sql commad into grass script
Jarek Jasiewicz

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