R: [GRASS-user] v.net.path through gis manager (GRASS6.2)

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Fri Feb 23 10:25:18 EST 2007

On 21/02/07 17:21, Michael Barton wrote:
> This could probably be done even easier than the profiler, more like the way
> r.color.rules works. It just needs a wrapper script with the appropriate GUI
> parser prompts to provide a place to type in coordinates and pass them to
> the GRASS module.

Two possibilities here:

1) either the GUI provides the pre-work to launch v.net.path, piping in 
the coordinates

2) someone amends v.net.path so that it accepts coordinates either from 
a file or as parameters.

> If we wanted to do it interactively via mouse, then profile.tcl is a good
> model from which to use code. It uses the mouse to grab screen coordinates,
> convert them to geographic coordinates, and feed them to r.profile.

I think this is typically a module where interactive selection by mouse 
should be possible.


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