[GRASS-user] ERROR : "child process exited abnormally"

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 25 17:51:21 EST 2007

Pawan Joshi wrote:
> i have installed grass on windows online setup.
>  when i m running "g:\cygwin\grass.bat" it display some errors as:
> command not found_profile: line 2:
> command not found_profile: line 5:
> command not found_profile: line 8:
> command not found_profile: line 14:
> command not found_profile: line 16:
> /home/databasedir/.bash_profile line 47: syntax error: unexpected end
> of  the cleaning up temporary files...... Starting GRASS....ERROR:
> LOCATION<< /home/databasedir/2388.tmp >> not available

[Cygwin GRASS 6.1-cvs binaries from April]

I can't help with that, beyond noting that "grass.bat" from the GRASS
6.1-cvs version should not be used with the GRASS 6.2.1 binaries.

> Then i have replaced the old version with gdal1.3 and grass 6.2 and
> i m having Spearfish6. now my project location is 'Spearfish60' and
> mapset is 'PERMANENT' 
>   the error after clicking on 'ENTER GRASS' is
>    "child process exited abnormally"


follow the "Troubleshooting" instructions there (cygcheck) and please
reply to the list what you find out so others with the same problem may

> I need the GRASS on windows. I hope it will work with windows XP. 

it will.


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