[GRASS-user] using LLID numbers with the linear referencing system

Lindsay Mico lindsaymico at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 28 19:13:53 EST 2007

Fellow GRASS users,

I would like to build a new point data layer from a large database of stream 
surveys which have 2 pieces of spatial info:

1) an LLID number for that stream
2) distance from the start of that stream

Based on what I have seen, I would use the linear referencing system 
modules.  I am not sure if I need to build a new reference layer as I have a 
stream layer with the LLID info already in it.  Additionally, I could not 
find an example of how v.lrs.segment works in practice.  I have attempted to 
summarize things as I understand it to help make it easier to answer my 
questions.  As I understand it the input parameters for v.lrs.segment would 
be as follows:

1) input= the stream layer with the associated LLID info
2) output = the name of the output layer
3) llayer = whether it is a point or line (is it 1 for line and 0 for 
4) rsdriver = I don't know what this means
5) rsdatabase = the location of the file with the LLID # and distance
6) rstable = the name of the file which has the LLID number and distance?  
will it automatically add in the other data in the database?  Or do I do 
that later using a spreadsheet program on the .dbf

As I am still learning how to do this, I expect I will have more questions 
in the future.  Hopefully this will be of use to others as well.  Many 
thanks in advance.  Cheers.

Lindsay Mico
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Demeter Design LLC
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