[GRASS-user] Installing on Windows XP 64

gary lists at lazygranch.com
Mon Feb 26 16:32:30 EST 2007

I should be clearer. Not every program under X64 has problems with large 
files. For instance, 7zip has a version compiled for x64 that can handle 
Gbytes. I also run sql. It is just the programs that use gdi32.dll.

I haven't had a gdi32 crash in about a month. The problem is a bugger to 
trace since it is not very consistent. One common thread is the programs 
crash at start up, presumably when requesting memory. I loaded the eval 
version of CS3 and had the same problem. [Don't even get me started on 

I can't speak for virtual PC, but someone I know who used to work for 
VMware explained to me (and may I add it didn't sink in well since I'm 
not a programmer) that VPC and VMware cannot handle the "accelerated" 
features of fancy graphics cards. That is, you often need to turn off 
the hardware acceleration. This seems like a drawback to me for use with 
a graphical program.

All this said, I'm grateful for anyone writing opensource software and 
don't see the need to make their life any more difficult than need be. 
If the program requires linux, so be it. I have enough software running 
under linux that I can justify two PCs. Once you have samba installed, 
sharing files is easy. I haven't got aggressive enough to try to run 
GRASS via Xwindows on the PC, but if you don't like fooling with KVMs, 
that might be doable.

Jonathan Greenberg wrote:
> I've been hearing about this large file bug in Windows, but I *routinely*
> open files >> 10gb within RSI's ENVI, so I feel there is something else
> going on here.  Certainly there's a memory management issue due to the 32
> bit memory calls, but that isn't the same as being able to read/write large
> files.  Most raster calculations need minimal memory anyway, since they are
> most efficiently (memory-wise) done using tiled processing.  GDAL's support
> for large files under Windows has been sporadic, and my understanding was
> that it had a lot to do with the cygwin environment and continuing LFS
> issues with that.
> I had a lot of success getting Debian linux running within a windows
> environment using Virtual PC (which is now free !!!) and had flawless LFS
> for GDAL (I was using it to run starspan).
> --j
> On 2/25/07 4:04 PM, "gary" <lists at lazygranch.com> wrote:
>> X64 has a bug in it related to opening large files with 32 bit software.
>>   Worse yet, it is not very repeatable, but the bug crops up with
>> programs like photoshop and open office calc. [Even CS3 isn't compiled
>> for x64!) The problem is in gdi32.dll. I don't know if this will be a
>> problem for GRASS, but I think it's likely to be.
>> That said, I really suggest installing suse 10.2 and just running grass
>> in linux. It isn't very hard to compile. This way you will get real 64
>> bit performance. Probably not in memory space, but there are additional
>> instructions used when running 64 bit code. Suse 10.2 will dual boot.
>> Hamish wrote:
>>>> Hi Everyone,
>>> Hi Andrew,
>>>> I've done a quick search of the mailing list but haven't come across
>>>> anything:  Has anyone been able to get a working installation on XP64?
>>>> It just so happens that this is the computer I need to get GRASS onto,
>>>> so I'd appreciate your thoughts on it.  Specifically, I need to use
>>>> the 3D Raster functions of the newer release.
>>> GRASS 6.2.1 for MS Windows:  (with Cygwin)
>>>   http://grass.itc.it/grass62/binary/mswindows/
>>> no idea if there are Win+64bit issues, but try it and see..
>>> good luck,
>>> Hamish
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