[GRASS-user] Installing on Windows XP 64

Jonathan Greenberg greenberg at ucdavis.edu
Mon Feb 26 16:11:06 EST 2007

I've been hearing about this large file bug in Windows, but I *routinely*
open files >> 10gb within RSI's ENVI, so I feel there is something else
going on here.  Certainly there's a memory management issue due to the 32
bit memory calls, but that isn't the same as being able to read/write large
files.  Most raster calculations need minimal memory anyway, since they are
most efficiently (memory-wise) done using tiled processing.  GDAL's support
for large files under Windows has been sporadic, and my understanding was
that it had a lot to do with the cygwin environment and continuing LFS
issues with that.

I had a lot of success getting Debian linux running within a windows
environment using Virtual PC (which is now free !!!) and had flawless LFS
for GDAL (I was using it to run starspan).


On 2/25/07 4:04 PM, "gary" <lists at lazygranch.com> wrote:

> X64 has a bug in it related to opening large files with 32 bit software.
>   Worse yet, it is not very repeatable, but the bug crops up with
> programs like photoshop and open office calc. [Even CS3 isn't compiled
> for x64!) The problem is in gdi32.dll. I don't know if this will be a
> problem for GRASS, but I think it's likely to be.
> That said, I really suggest installing suse 10.2 and just running grass
> in linux. It isn't very hard to compile. This way you will get real 64
> bit performance. Probably not in memory space, but there are additional
> instructions used when running 64 bit code. Suse 10.2 will dual boot.
> Hamish wrote:
>>> Hi Everyone,
>> Hi Andrew,
>>> I've done a quick search of the mailing list but haven't come across
>>> anything:  Has anyone been able to get a working installation on XP64?
>>> It just so happens that this is the computer I need to get GRASS onto,
>>> so I'd appreciate your thoughts on it.  Specifically, I need to use
>>> the 3D Raster functions of the newer release.
>> GRASS 6.2.1 for MS Windows:  (with Cygwin)
>>   http://grass.itc.it/grass62/binary/mswindows/
>> no idea if there are Win+64bit issues, but try it and see..
>> good luck,
>> Hamish
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