[GRASS-user] Upgrade 6.1.cvs - 6.2.1 (cygwin) Vectors dont'work

Morten Sickel Morten.Sickel at nrpa.no
Thu May 3 05:16:37 EDT 2007

Hamish wrote:
> Morten Sickel wrote:
>> I just upgraded grass on my windows xp / cygwin system from 6.1.cvs
>> the current 6.2.1. But, for some reason vectors don't work. 
>> Any idea where to start the debugging?

>yes. (!)

>> d.vect shows nothing.

> Nothing at all? then you are probably missing a DLL, and since it is
happening with only the vector
> modules, it's probably due to a missing database package. To find out
which one, follow the 
> troubleshooting instructions here:

> http://grass.ibiblio.org/grass62/binary/mswindows/#trouble

Thanks, that did it, well at least I found what the problem is, the
installations of 6.1.cvs and 6.2.1 have somehow been mixed up, and I am
told that libgrass_gis.6.1.cvs.dll and libgrass_I.6.1.cvs.dll can not be
found... They are both where they've always been
(/usr/local/grass6.1.cvs), but for some reason grass 6.2.1 looks for
them rather than for the corresponding 6.2.1 files it should be using
(those files are also present (in /usr/local/grass.6.2.1)). A bit
strange, since d.vect is also using a lot of 6.2.1 dlls which it finds
without any problems and d.rast is using libgrass_gis.6.2.1.dll.

I could of cource purge my old grass 6.1.cvs installation, but I am a
bit reluctant to get rid of something that works for what I am doing... 


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