[GRASS-user] Upgrade 6.1.cvs - 6.2.1 (cygwin) Vectors dont' work

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu May 3 04:43:03 EDT 2007

Morten Sickel wrote:
> I just upgraded grass on my windows xp / cygwin system from 6.1.cvs to
> the current 6.2.1. But, for some reason vectors don't work. At the
> moment, I'm working on a dataset with a raster map and a few
> point-data sets. The raster map works well, but I am not able to do
> anything with the vector maps. a d.vect shows nothing. v.info shows
> nothing and an attempt of reimporting a dataset using v.in.db gives no
> result.
> The direct download of the grass / gdal / tcltk files using the cygwin
> setup did for some reason not work, but I fetched the files separately
> and installed them using setup's Install from local directory feature,
> that seemed to work well, but, something must have gone wrong.
> Any idea where to start the debugging?

yes. (!)

> d.vect shows nothing.

Nothing at all? then you are probably missing a DLL, and since it is
happening with only the vector modules, it's probably due to a missing
database package. To find out which one, follow the troubleshooting
instructions here:



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