AW: [GRASS-user] Again: Problem with WMS-Services

Christian Braun christian.braun at
Wed May 9 03:41:14 EDT 2007

Are you using Ubuntu and GRASS 6.2.1? Ubuntu uses "dash" as it's /bin/sh
instead of Bash. and friends used bash-specific tricks in them.
This has since been fixed and will appear in future releases of GRASS.
You can recompile from CVS yourself (or just grab the updated scripts*), or
you can edit the existing,, r.tileset, and wms.*
scripts by hand: change #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash in the first line of each

[*] download latest "releasebranch_6_2" versions from:


Yes, that was the problem. Thank you for your help, Hamish


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