David Adam david at quercus.org
Wed May 9 10:48:54 EDT 2007

I'm missing some secrets for downloading DEM data from the USGS SDDS 
(Seamless Data Distribution System) into GRASS. 
I'm using GRASS-6.2.1 as a downloaded binary for Fedora Core 6.  I would 
like to download DEM data for various areas and import the data into 
GRASS, with each area going into a separate location.
I've tried various formats for downloading the data (ArcGrid, geotiff, 
BIL).  I get everything in a single zip file, put it in its own 
directory, and unzip it, which produces a set of files including both 
data and metadata.  I can set up a location using the "Define new 
location using georeferenced file" option, and the new location exists 
when I restart GRASS, but I have been unable to get the actual data to 
import, either through the gui or directly with a call to r.in.gdal 
(which brings up the gui anyway).  I have tried specifying each of the 
files in the data as the file to import, but none of them seems to work.

Is there a HOWTO available for this process?  If not, can anyone point 
me in the proper direction?  Any help will be much appreciated...


Lake County, California
(just north of the Napa Valley)

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