[GRASS-user] gdal - r.in.onearth

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu May 10 08:53:21 EDT 2007

Tomas Lanczos wrote:
> I tried to download some landsat7 pictures by r.in.onearth, but I got 
> the following errormessage (see the end of the message).
> Should I recompile the gdal (if yes, whitch option used) or any other 
> workarounds proposed?
> p.s.: using Grass 6.3.CVS and 6.2.1 on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn
> Downloaded file is not a GeoTiff file, but will try to import
> ************** CHECK DATA *****************
> ERROR 4: 
> `/home/tomas/grassdata/Slovakia/PERMANENT/.tmp/thor/20010.0/Image_glo
> bal_mosaic_base_visual__'  not recognised as a supported file format.

At least $HEIGHT and $WIDTH are missing from the name of the file.

They are set by `g.region -gb` rows,cols.

but for me (spearfish) that gives:

G63> g.region -b
pj_transform() failed
cause: failed to load NAD27-83 correction file
ERROR: Error in pj_do_proj (projection of input coordinate pair)

that doesn't look good.

do you see the same?

maybe something to do with g.region/cmd/printwindow.c Rev 2.20+

you say it fails with 6.2.1? that was before those changes.

for me it fails in 6.3-cvs in the same way (due to g.region bug), and
works in 6.2.1.

Ubuntu: try changing the first line of the script to #!/bin/bash


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