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hajhouse hajhouse at houseag.com
Tue May 22 13:20:50 EDT 2007

På 2007-05-22, skrev Salvator*eL*arosa:
> hi,
> i need a little help!
> How can to export a point shapefile from a polygon layer in Grass (Convert
> Polygon2Point)?
> So, i can have in table (point file) all informations of the layer polygon
> table!
> Sorry my english!
> Thanks! 

In GRASS terminology polygons can be lines, boundaries, or areas (when
conbined with a centroid [= center point]). So assuming you have areas
and you want to export just the centroids, I believe something like:

v.type type=centroid,point in=mymap out=mymap_converted
v.out.ogr in=mymap_converted dsn=myshapefile.shp 

would meet your needs.

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