[GRASS-user] v.digit error message

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed May 23 20:27:44 EDT 2007

pawan datta wrote:
> while digitizing roads for a watershed, the v.digit module stopped 
> responding. Nothing worked, so i had to restart GRASS.

What version of GRASS? There have been big structural changes to v.digit
in the 6.3 development version recently, which hopefully solves several
problems in the 6.2 version.

What were you doing at the time of lock-up? How many features digitized
in the session? Started from a new map? DB table? etc. Maybe we can get
a better idea where it happens, then we can look for why.

You are not the first person to report v.digit lockups, but I've never
seen it happen myself.

> Then, i rebuilt the topology of the vector file, but when i started
> the v.digit again, i got this message:
> v.digit map=roads bgcmd="d.rast comptopo53j3"
> WARNING: coor files of vector 'roads at datta' is larger than it 
> should be
>           (152007 bytes excess).
>   100%

starting v.digit and then exiting v.digit will make the warning go away.
for other errors (but not this one) v.build can help too.
> The file seems to work fine and without any problem, but I want to 
> be sure that ignoring this message cannot cause some problems 
> later.

after loading & saving it with v.digit it should be fine.
any data loss?

> Could anybody please explain why this happens (it has 
> happened quite a no. of times now) and give some possible 
> suggestions.

Don't know why it happens, maybe you can help us figure that out by
trying to figure out the steps to easily reproduce it.


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