[GRASS-user] v.digit error message

pawan datta pawandatta at rediffmail.com
Wed May 23 05:22:22 EDT 2007

Hi all,

while digitizing roads for a watershed, the v.digit module stopped 
responding. Nothing worked, so i had to restart GRASS. Then, i 
rebuilt the topology of the vector file, but when i started the 
v.digit again, i got this message:

v.digit map=roads bgcmd="d.rast comptopo53j3"
WARNING: coor files of vector 'roads at datta' is larger than it 
should be
          (152007 bytes excess).

The file seems to work fine and without any problem, but I want to 
be sure that ignoring this message cannot cause some problems 
later. Could anybody please explain why this happens (it has 
happened quite a no. of times now) and give some possible 

Thanks a lot


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