[GRASS-user] shaded relief maps & custom color DEM

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You can put a transparent tematic vector map over the shaded relief map or even a a transparent raster map (it could be the elevation map) it will give you a "3d like" tematic map or a  shaded relief map with color gradient. Try using QGIS I think it gives better visual results.Pablo Torres Carreira

Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 10:29:51 -0400From: mseibel at gmail.comTo: grassuser at grass.itc.itSubject: [GRASS-user] shaded relief maps & custom color DEMHello all!  I have been exploring the best way to make a shaded relief map with color gradient.  Although I have been using GIS for many years, this is a new topic for me.  (New is always fun, especially with GRASS!)
I have several questions relating to this topic.1)  I have used r.color to change the color gradient for the DEM I am using.  There are a lot of nice palettes to use!  One that I am looking for is a tan to green gradient (tan=high elev, green=low).  There are some nice ones that are close, but is there a way to create a new color map going from color #1 to color #2?  In the mean time, the red to yellow to blue is working well.
2)  r.shaded.relief creates some nice outputs!  very cool. I have a ryb color map for the DEM, and have created a shaded relief map that is grayscale.  Is there a way to make a color shaded relief map?  I have been looking for examples illustrating the tools to use in GRASS that will do this.  I found 
r.blend, and it seems to produce something very close, if not exactly what I am looking for with more tuning of parameters.  Is this the best combination of tools to use? --> r.color on DEM + r.shaded.relief + r.blend = color ramped shaded relief map?
3)  I have done a fair amount of researching the web for color shaded relief maps, but was unable to find techniques relating to GRASS production of these datasets, or a gallery of shaded relief maps produced by GRASS.  Does anyone know of such a link?

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