[GRASS-user] shaded relief maps & custom color DEM

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun May 27 01:53:45 EDT 2007

M S wrote:
> 1)  I have used r.color to change the color gradient for the DEM I am
> using.  There are a lot of nice palettes to use!  One that I am
> looking for is a tan to green gradient (tan=high elev, green=low). 
> There are some nice ones that are close, but is there a way to create
> a new color map going from color #1 to color #2?  In the mean time,
> the red to yellow to blue is working well.

try the "elevation" rules?

For custom rules, see "r.colors color=rules" in the r.colors help page.

for example:

r.colors mapname color=rules << EOF
0% green
100% 128:128:0

> 3)  I have done a fair amount of researching the web for color shaded
> relief maps, but was unable to find techniques relating to GRASS
> production of these datasets, or a gallery of shaded relief maps
> produced by GRASS.  Does anyone know of such a link?

besides r.shaded.relief + d.his or GIS.m transparency, and NVIZ, in
GRASS 5 there was shade.clr.sh and d.3d. The shade.clr.sh script is just
a modification of r.shaded.relief but I suspect a slightly different
effect from what you are after. 

For d.3d try the grass-5.4.0/src/scripts/contrib/d.3d.views script.
Output is much like NVIZ.


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