[GRASS-user] help to use r.mapcalc with decimal/binary (modis data)

andrew.haywood at poyry.com andrew.haywood at poyry.com
Thu May 24 18:49:43 EDT 2007

Dear All,

i am having some issues with analysing  MOD09 modis data in grass.  I 
would like to mask out the cloud pixels using the below quality control 
when i import this band the unsigned 16bit integer is converted in decimal 
and I am unsure how to  use r.mapcalc to create a mask based on the 
different bits. 

I am unsure how I should go about this (see *** section below). I would 
like to try different selections to see which would make the best mask but 
i am unsure how to do this against a binary field 

eg. r.mapcalc MASK="if(sur_refl_qc_250 == **** clear state **** , 1, 

how do I select out the different bits to create the mask?

At this stage i am thinking of trying to convert the decimal back to 
binary (not sure how to do this ) and then subselect columns (bits) eg 0-1 
or 2-3 and the placing an if statement (eg. if column01 == "00" or if 
column23 = "00").

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

kind regards



00 -- corrected product produced at ideal quality -- all bands
01 -- corrected product produced, less than ideal quality -- some or all 
10 -- corrected product not produced due to cloud effects -- all bands
11 -- corrected product not produced for other reasons -- some or all 
bands, may be fill value
[Note that a value of (11) overrides a value of (01)]
cloud state;
00 -- clear
01 -- cloudy
10 -- mixed
11 -- not set, assumed clear
band 1 data quality, four bit range;
0000 -- highest quality
1000 -- dead detector; data has been copied from adjacent detector
1001 -- solar zenith >= 86 degrees
1010 -- solar zenith >= 85 and < 86 degrees
1011 -- missing input
1100 -- internal constant used in place of climatological data for at 
least one atmospheric constant
1101 -- correction out of bounds, pixel constrained to extreme allowable 
1110 -- L1B data faulty
1111 -- not processed due to deep ocean or clouds
band 2 data quality, four bit range;
(same values as above)
atmospheric correction performed;
0 -- no
1 -- yes
adjacency correction performed;
0 -- no
1 -- yes
different orbit from 500m;
0 -- no
1 -- yes
unused (spare)

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