[GRASS-user] Resolution size for v.to.rast of points

Roy Sanderson R.A.Sanderson at newcastle.ac.uk
Fri May 25 06:13:13 EDT 2007


I'd be grateful if someone could advise on the appropriate use of v.to.rast
on points vector data.  The issue is in selecting the maximum resolution
that still correctly converts all the points, without losing any because
two or more points end up in the same raster grid cell.  At the moment we
are using a trial and error approach, by rasterising the points, then
running r.stats to count the number of pixels.  I recall the old s.to.rast
flagging a warning if the resolution was incorrect on rasterisation, but
can't work out how to enable this in GRASS 6.2.

Many thanks
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