[GRASS-user] XTF reader neede - triton format for sonar

Thierry Schmitt thierry_schmitt at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 1 17:00:07 EDT 2008

Hi Giovanni

There is nothing free to read XTF format that I know of.  The format is 
freely available on triton's website. The format has become a standard 
de facto. However it is still difficult to get a really standard xtf 
file in between the manufacturer of sonar processing software.
My advice would be

1) knowing the name of the application that acquired the sonar data.
2) have a quick look at MBsystem which is the only sonar processing 
software free as free beer!! It won't read xtf but you might find a way 
to find a common denominator.

I ll be glad to know how you proceed as I might be of better help if you 
are more specific (acquisition software, sonar....)


 I G. Allegri a écrit :
> Hi list,
> I'm facing the need to process some sonar files in XTF (eXtensible
> Triton Format), but I can't find anything as OS to do it.
> Does anyone have experience with such a format?
> XTF References:
> http://www.tritonimaginginc.com/site/content/public/downloads/FileFormatInfo/Xtf%20File%20Format_X24.pdf
> http://woodshole.er.usgs.gov/operations/sfmapping/sonar_xtf.htm
> Free (as free beer) reader:
> http://www.knudsenengineering.com/html/software/postsurvey.htm
> Thanks,
> Giovanni
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