[GRASS-user] XTF reader neede - triton format for sonar

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 18:13:43 EDT 2008

Thanks Thierry for answering.
AFAIK the XTF I've been given were tranformed form original KEB files.
If I'm not wrong these formats are produced by Knudsen systems.
I new about MBsystem. As they say on the site, I hope they will
support XTF "sooner or later...".
In the meanwhile I try to explain what I need: I need to vectorize the
sonar echograms in an automatized way (I have about 300 files with
dozens of "pings" each one), to extract the thickness of soft
loam/clay deposits of some lake beds. So, my echograms show the
vertical lines of the single "pings". For every ping I would like to
extract the "first arrive" (the point where a signal above a threshold
appear for the first time on the vertical) and the point when the
signal decreases lower then another threshold (before signal decayes
because of power loss). The problem is that I'm not such a good
programmer! :-)
I know sogtware for seismic datas that can do it, but it's the first
time I work with sonars data, and this formats in particular.
The alternative is to pick the 3000 points by hand, and measure the
thickness for each segment!

I'll let you know if I make useful steps.


2008/8/1 Thierry Schmitt <thierry_schmitt at yahoo.com>:
> Hi Giovanni
> There is nothing free to read XTF format that I know of.  The format is
> freely available on triton's website. The format has become a standard de
> facto. However it is still difficult to get a really standard xtf file in
> between the manufacturer of sonar processing software.
> My advice would be
> 1) knowing the name of the application that acquired the sonar data.
> 2) have a quick look at MBsystem which is the only sonar processing software
> free as free beer!! It won't read xtf but you might find a way to find a
> common denominator.
> I ll be glad to know how you proceed as I might be of better help if you are
> more specific (acquisition software, sonar....)
> Regards
> I G. Allegri a écrit :
>> Hi list,
>> I'm facing the need to process some sonar files in XTF (eXtensible
>> Triton Format), but I can't find anything as OS to do it.
>> Does anyone have experience with such a format?
>> XTF References:
>> http://www.tritonimaginginc.com/site/content/public/downloads/FileFormatInfo/Xtf%20File%20Format_X24.pdf
>> http://woodshole.er.usgs.gov/operations/sfmapping/sonar_xtf.htm
>> Free (as free beer) reader:
>> http://www.knudsenengineering.com/html/software/postsurvey.htm
>> Thanks,
>> Giovanni
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