[GRASS-user] vector layer labelling doesn't work....

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Fri Aug 8 10:38:15 EDT 2008

On 08/08/08 11:06, G. Allegri wrote:
> Hi all,
> it's the first time I try to use labelling on a polygonal vector layer
> in grass 6.4.svn, and I can't make it work.
> d.vect map=sst_sardegna at CRA-TASK2 -c color=0:0:0 lcolor=0:0:0
> fcolor=170:170:170 display=shape,attr type=point,line,boundary,area
> icon=basic/circle size=5 layer=1 {att=UC_SIGLA} lsize=10 xref=left
> yref=center llayer=1

You need to add centroid to the list of types. The label is attached to 
the centroid and if you do not display that, the label won't display 
either. If you're annoyed by the centroid circle, set its size to 1 
which makes it hardly visible.


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