[GRASS-user] Snap a point to a line?

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Wed Aug 13 15:33:04 EDT 2008

On 13/08/08 21:19, Alex Mandel wrote:
> Jonathan Greenberg wrote:
>> I have a point file that I would like to have the points snapped to 
>> the nearest line in a different vector file (preferably anywhere along 
>> the length of the line, although the nearest line node would be ok) -- 
>> how do I do this in GRASS?
>> --j
> v.patch can draw lines from the point to the existing network
> v.net op="connect" can put the points on the line if you need them as 
> nodes for network analysis.


v.edit with the bgmap= parameter.

v.distance with output= parameter which creates a map of lines which you 
can then v.patch.


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