[GRASS-user] 6.3 v.distance description faulty / ll degrees not meters

Eduard Ruffert ruffert at mkm.de
Thu Aug 14 09:12:16 EDT 2008


I've installed grass 6.3, since in the descritption of v.distance 
says "In lat-long locations v.distance gives distances (dist and
to_along) in meters not in degrees calculated as geodesic distances
on a sphere.".

I tried it out, but the values produced in a ll location are degrees!

I've checked the source code
and indeed it does not contain any source to compute meters, like
for example in the source for version 6.4.

So, am I correct, that the description is faulty for the 6.3
version, or am I missing something fundamental??

In the first case, could someone correct the desciption, since
it can cause somewhat loss of time and effort (like for me), if one
believes the current description...


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