[GRASS-user] r.in.gdal ecw

Silvia Simoni silvia.simoni at ing.unitn.it
Tue Aug 19 10:21:50 EDT 2008

I'm running GRASS 6.3 on MacOS X Leopard and have problems with  
importing ecw files. The r.in.gdal Help says that this format is  
supported and indeed it works as to the import phase. I can see 3  
rasters for map.red, map.green and map.blue imported but I cannot  
visualize them either using d.rgb or r.composite and d.rast.
If I query those maps using r.what the "output diplay" displays East,  
North and null *.

I also tryed to convert ecw to tif + tfw but I got the same results.
Does anyone know why this happen?


Silvia Simoni PhD
DICA - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Universita' di Trento
via Mesiano 77, 38100 Trento, ITALY
tel. +39 0461 882610
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e-mail: silvia.simoni at ing.unitn.it

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