[GRASS-user] Novice Query: Grass63, Cygwin on Windows startup errors, Error setting region (Problem with g.region: child process exited abnormally)

Katie Urey bracket at comcast.net
Tue Aug 19 12:03:25 EDT 2008


A novice question follows.  (new to cygwin, new to GIS, ok with UNIX, 
not a programmer)

Answers might be-
directions about which FAQ/archive etc to read

I'm starting grass63 in an xterm on a Windows (XP professional)  box. 

I'm attempting to use defaults, though I do have a spearfish60 directory 

I'm running as user=Katie.

 there seem to be 3-4 GRASS windows opened
    1 an output window- hidden by
    1 window with a pretty medieval looking map-- not an xterm??
    1 an error window
    1 the initial text window

 >>>>>>>The Error window states:

Do I need a Katie directory?  Do I need to open up perms on user1 

Best regards,

Katie Urey

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