[GRASS-user] Importing DEM into 3D Studio MAX

Marco Pasetti marcopstt at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 08:54:14 EDT 2008

Hi Francesco,

> Another idea is to export the DEM in grey scale, many 3D packages have an
> option to create terrain from greyscale 8-bit images, very handy if you
> ask me.

interesting. Do you know how could I import a raster DEM as 3D terrain model 
into ArchiCAD?
ArchiCAD doesn't recognize VRML and I don't have 3DS (recognized format by 
AC) to convert VRML to 3DSMax
I also tried importing a shp contour vector layer (derived from the raster 
DEM), but it seems that AC don't "read" the z values (the layer is imported 
as simple plain curves)

any ideas?


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