Geophysics functions [was Re: [GRASS-user] use pi number]

José María Michia jose.maria.michia at
Mon Aug 25 01:02:56 EDT 2008

> José,
> I have been interested in implementing potential fields function in
> GRASS since long,
> but I don't have the necessary background (I mean, I don't know the
> equations) or the coding skills.
> However, I can help you test/debug.
> Maybe that could be the starting point for me to learn something about
> it. Pointers to interesting sites/books/papers would be nice. =D
> At my current job I have access to plenty of datasets and experts, so
> we could use (borrow) further help =]


I am studing for surveyor. At this moment, I am trying to finish a
course of geophysics, one of the last courses, focusing on the use of
GRASS and other free programs (I can send a copy of the presentations
to you and all interested persons).

I'm using GRASS at very low level, but I wish to get more deeply into
GRASS. I am thinking about doing my final work in gerophysics (and
free software of course). Therefore, interesting times very soon.

José María

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