[GRASS-user] r.sun2: "Wh" or "kWh"?

Marco Pasetti marco.pasetti at alice.it
Wed Jun 4 16:49:13 EDT 2008

Hi Nikos,

AFAIK r.sun2 calculates the daily global irradiation as [kWh].[m-2].[d-1]
unfortunately I cannot check it because, at the moment, I don't have GRASS 
installed; but we could simply confirm this by checking the values given by 
just give me an example of returned data from given location, azimuth and 
tilt (and day, obviously), and I'll tell you if that value makes sense in Wh 
or kWh


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> Dear list,
> in the file "description.html" of the module "r.sun2" under the section
> OPTIONS it is stated: In the second mode daily sums of solar irradiation
> [kWh.m-2.day-1] are computed for a specified day.
> Should it be [Wh.m-2.day-1] ?
> Together with friends we created global daily radiation maps and we are
> now convinced that r.sun2's result is in "Wh". Are we wrong?
> Thank you,
> Nikos
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