[GRASS-user] using v.line.center

Manuel Sangiao masanlo1 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 13:09:17 EDT 2008

Hi all,

after the reprojection in another mapset I used v.line.center, all ok. But,
I obtain a new layer without database. The input layer have database.

v.db.connect -p glines1
Vector map <glines1> is connected by:
layer <2> table <glines1> in database
</scratch/manuel/GISDATA//admprojected/manuel/dbf/> through driver <dbf>
with key <cat>

That is the result of all:

GRASS 6.2.2 (admprojected):~ > v.line.center in=glines1 at manuel layer=2
out=pts1 --o
587 categories read from map
0 records selected from table
0 categories read from map exist in selection from table
0 categories read from map don't exist in selection from table
0 records updated/inserted
0 update/insert errors
WARNING: The vector 'pts1' already exists and will be overwritten.
WARNING: Cannot get point on line: cat = -1 offset = 171.957102 (line
length = 23.086715)
P -1 -1 171.9571019845255080
Building topology ...
586 primitives registered
Building areas: 100%
0 areas built
0 isles built
Attaching islands:
Attaching centroids: 100%
Topology was built.
Number of nodes : 586
Number of primitives: 586
Number of points : 586
Number of lines : 0
Number of boundaries: 0
Number of centroids : 0
Number of areas : 0
Number of isles : 0


GRASS 6.2.2 (admprojected):~ > v.db.connect -p pts1
ERROR: Database connection for map <pts1> is not defined in DB file

I have read that the result layer (pts1) contains the category numbers
of the input vector line layer.

Is there a solution?


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