[GRASS-user] Any freely available topographical maps for (South-) Germany ?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 11 21:53:45 EDT 2008

> > I was asked about freely available geo-data concerning
> > the South of Germany.
> (topo-maps for Bavaria)
> 1.
> http://www.gdi.bayern.de/Geowebdienste/geowebdienste.htm#TK50
> I can't get following web-service running on my firefox
> under ubuntu
> http://www.geodaten.bayern.de/ogc/getogc.cgi?request=getcapabilities

you can access WMS servers with the r.in.wms module.
this will give you a raster map. If you want data not just a pretty picture make sure the server supports the GeoTiff format. (???)

r.in.wms mapserver="$SERVER" -l
 # adding --verbose to that will show you a working URL for firefox

r.in.wms mapserver="$SERVER" layer=TK50 out=TK50_Bavaria ....



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