[GRASS-user] Any freely available topographical maps for (South-) Germany ?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 13 07:45:32 EDT 2008


Hamish wrote:
> no geotiff support.  set format= to one of the above.
> I tried in a WGS84 lat/lon loc:
> g.region n=50:30N s=47:15N w=9E e=13:45E res=0:00:30
> r.in.wms mapserver="$SERVER" layer=TK50
> out=TK50_Bavaria format=png -g
> it seemed to work, but I only got a blank map. Maybe you
> will have better luck. Using "-g" I got a
> "(c) Bayerische ..." in the image, without "-g" I didn't. shrug.

Richard wrote:
> I've never been able to decide whether "blank raster syndrome" in
> r.in.wms is at the client or the server. In some cases, I guess it's
> the server because things rectify themselves if you come back tomorrow.

In this case I'm pretty sure it's the server. As above, in at least one set of blank images I see the (c) watermark which comes through ok. Also with r.in.wms you can look in the $LOCATION/wms_downloads/ dir and see the raw download images before any client processing. all blank.

> In other cases, adjusting the region parameters - zoom in to a smaller
> area, and use a finer resolution - fixes the problem.

I took your suggestion and tried zooming in some. Success!
I would note that earlier when I was getting the blank image I did check the bounds layer's capabilities to make sure I was not exceeding the bounding box. So it seems to be matter of scale, not bounding box.

# LL/WGS84 location

g.region n=49:17N s=48:33N w=10:54:30E e=11:32:30E res=0:00:02
r.in.wms mapserver="$SERVER" layer=UK500 out=UK500_Bavaria.3 format=tiff

then you get a map of roads, place names, cities, etc.
(format=tiff looks more detailed than 8bit png, but png is way more efficient for empty files. shrug)

#zooming in more, DOP layer (2m aerial photo) looks good:
g.region n=49:12:02N s=49:04:20N w=11:03:26E e=11:11:42E res=0:00:01
r.in.wms mapserver="$SERVER" layer=DOP out=DOP_Bavaria format=tiff

# and zooming even further the TK50 layer finally works
# TK50 is a similar feature map to UK500, including contours
g.region n=49:10:06N s=49:07:34N w=11:06:27E e=11:08:54E res=0:00:00.25
r.in.wms mapserver="$SERVER" layer=TK50 out=TK50_Bavaria format=tiff

So yes, zooming helps.
The DOP layer draped over SRTM data would look very nice.


ps- I have just added an option in SVN to store the capabilities file when using the -l flag.


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