[GRASS-user] Re: Any freely available topographical maps for (South-) Germany ?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 13 22:01:46 EDT 2008

WolfgangZ wrote:
> Yes the server provides only white images when less then 2
> meter / pixel resolution.

the DOP photo layer worked for me even at 2 arcsec resolution and appropriate region. the topo maps seemed more insistent at being at a sane resolution for the given data.

> I used a own written script which downloads the
> images with some overlap to get rid of the copy right notice.

using r.in.wms's default http POST method instead of the -g flag's GET method returned images without the (c) plastered on every tile.

> There was also some time ago a library to convert the data
> from the "Top50" CDs that you can purchase for low money,
> but that is offline again ;-( http://libmpr.origo.ethz.ch .

maybe the wayback machine helps?

(but it's offline too right now :)



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