[GRASS-user] Northern Italy , Stradivari research , Flora

Adam Dershowitz adershowitz at exponent.com
Sun Jun 15 18:03:08 EDT 2008

On Jun 15, 2008, at 1:24 AM, Hamish wrote:

> Mustafa Umut Sarac wrote:
>> I am an archaeologist and a luthier. I am reading
>> everything I found about
>> Stradivari and Cremona. After seeing what people are doing
>> with aerial photographs and flight simulation programs , I decided
>> to do the same for north italy.
>> Where can I find northern italy aerial pictures for to
>> construct flight simulation scene ?
>> If I can find multispectral flora pictures , i would be glad.
>> If everything comes cheap or free , I will be very happy.
>> And I need sedimentary analysis of rivers , their path  200
>> years ago and wood history analysises.
> re flight simulator stuff, you can try NVIZ's keyframe animator tool  
> for making fly-by movies, and also NVIZ's "flight mode" mouse  
> controls.
> I have long wondered about exporting GRASS maps to FlightGear using  
> the TerraGear scripts but have never got around to trying it. Then  
> you can fly around your maps in a real flight simulator.
> http://www.flightgear.org
> http://www.terragear.org  (site down? try internet archive or google  
> cache)
> you can get basic data from VMap0 (see grass newsletter articles),  
> SRTM elevation, and LANDSAT image coverage (r.in.onearth addon  
> script and/or r.in.wms).
> all free,
> Hamish

I just would like to add that FlightGear has a very active community.   
One of the issues that has come up on the mailing lists, on occasion,  
is the source of map data, and how to process that data so that  
FlightGear can use it.  GRASS has been discussed in that context.
I would suggest that this is potentially a nice place for two very  
unrelated opensource projects actually have some overlap and some  
potential benefits from each to work together.


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