[GRASS-user] Northern Italy , Stradivari research , Flora

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 15 04:24:05 EDT 2008

Mustafa Umut Sarac wrote:

> I am an archaeologist and a luthier. I am reading
> everything I found about
> Stradivari and Cremona. After seeing what people are doing 
> with aerial photographs and flight simulation programs , I decided
> to do the same for north italy.
> Where can I find northern italy aerial pictures for to
> construct flight simulation scene ?
> If I can find multispectral flora pictures , i would be glad.
> If everything comes cheap or free , I will be very happy.
> And I need sedimentary analysis of rivers , their path  200
> years ago and wood history analysises.

re flight simulator stuff, you can try NVIZ's keyframe animator tool for making fly-by movies, and also NVIZ's "flight mode" mouse controls.

I have long wondered about exporting GRASS maps to FlightGear using the TerraGear scripts but have never got around to trying it. Then you can fly around your maps in a real flight simulator.
http://www.terragear.org  (site down? try internet archive or google cache)

you can get basic data from VMap0 (see grass newsletter articles), SRTM elevation, and LANDSAT image coverage (r.in.onearth addon script and/or r.in.wms).

all free,



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