[GRASS-user] Centerlines of Polygons (skeletons)

Aurora Geomatics aurorageomatics at telus.net
Wed Jun 18 17:39:59 EDT 2008

This sounds very interesting, certainly I could see this really coming  
in handy when given a few thousand polygons of rivers and streams and  
asked to quickly output the centerlines... Finding centerlines of  
river/stream polygons may seem so simple for all this powerful  
computational equipment and software to clients, and perhaps it is to  
those who have higher math skills...

On 18-Jun-08, at 2:22 PM, Wolf Bergenheim wrote:

> On 19.06.2008 00:01, Aurora Geomatics wrote:
>> I wonder, is there a way to create a Voronoi diagram in GRASS?
> There is the v.voronoi module, which is also the subject of one of   
> the Summer of Code projects this summer. I've been looking at an  
> algorithm that creates Voronoi diagrams out of skeleton lines, but  
> currently there is no direct support for skeleton lines in GRASS, as  
> far as I can tell, perhaps if Martin P. gets interested he will  
> develop this method and as a by-product a v.skeleton module, but  
> that won't probably happen autumn if at all.
> --Wolf

Looks like some interesting material, I'll have a read though this,  
see what I can use out of it for my situation.  I noticed the issue of  
the "Branching" outside the Centerline/Skeleton came up, I'll have to  
read deeper to see if or what the solution was for this issue.

> Have a look at this old page
> http://research.esd.ornl.gov/CRERP/DOCS/RIVERMI/P114.HTM
> you could do the same thing in GRASS
> Bill H.

Thanks Tom, I must have miss spelled when I searched it in the GRASS  

> On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 02:01:56PM -0700, we recorded a bogon- 
> computron collision of the <aurorageomatics at telus.net> flavor,  
> containing:
>> I wonder, is there a way to create a Voronoi diagram in GRASS?
> Yes.  With v.voronoi.
> -- 
> Tom Russo

Mars Sjoden
Aurora Geomatics
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