[GRASS-user] total Newbie help request

Lyle E. Browning lebrowning at att.net
Sat Jun 21 19:55:25 EDT 2008

I've downloaded GRASS 6.3.0, and am running it on a MacBook Pro. I've  
downloaded the Spearfish data set and gotten it to work. BUT, and  
here's the problem: I want to work with a shapefile  
(CORNELIUS_ddpolygons_None.shp) of an archaeological site consisting  
of a vector map of features. I have tried for 3 straight days to get  
the *&#%@ thing loaded and set up in a new location and cannot do it.  
The archaeological site is 715 feet EW by 230 feet NS. It is an X,Y  
map. I have also downloaded Neteler's GRASS in a Nutshell tutorial and  
the one for GRASS 6.0, version 1.2 from Hannover. I have tried to  
follow the instructions and have not managed to get anything done.

Is it possible for some kind soul to give me step by step instructions  
so that I can see how it's done and then hopefully be able to go from  

Thanks in advance for considering,

Lyle Browning
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