[GRASS-user] total Newbie help request

Nikos Alexandris nikos.alexandris at felis.uni-freiburg.de
Sat Jun 21 20:11:09 EDT 2008

On Sat, 2008-06-21 at 19:55 -0400, Lyle E. Browning wrote:
> I've downloaded GRASS 6.3.0, and am running it on a MacBook Pro. I've
> downloaded the Spearfish data set and gotten it to work. BUT, and
> here's the problem: I want to work with a shapefile
> (CORNELIUS_ddpolygons_None.shp) of an archaeological site consisting
> of a vector map of features. I have tried for 3 straight days to get
> the *&#%@ thing loaded and set up in a new location and cannot do it.
> The archaeological site is 715 feet EW by 230 feet NS. It is an X,Y
> map. I have also downloaded Neteler's GRASS in a Nutshell tutorial and
> the one for GRASS 6.0, version 1.2 from Hannover. I have tried to
> follow the instructions and have not managed to get anything done.
> Is it possible for some kind soul to give me step by step instructions
> so that I can see how it's done and then hopefully be able to go from
> there?
> Thanks in advance for considering,
> Lyle Browning

Dear Lyle,

hopefully this will bring you further (I am not using a Mac - I just
assume it's the same like on a linux-box).

1. Open a terminal and launch grass in text-mode with "grass63 -text"

2. Name your LOCATION (e.g. "xy"), leave for the start the Mapset set to
PERMANENT and provide the path to where you want the LOCATION to be
created (that should be your GIS database). Finally hit "Esc+Enter".

3. Read the questions and answer (...yes in the first 2, choose "A",
confirm with yes, provide a description if you want, confirm)

4. Here you can ignore the settings about the extent of your location
and continue till you finally get into your GRASS session in your new
"xy" location.

5. Import your raster map with r.in.gdal and your shapefile with the
v.in.ogr module(s). Make sure to use the "-e" flag so the computational
region extents to the extent of your shapefile.

(example: v.in.ogr -e dsn=CORNELIUS_ddpolygons_None.shp

*** If you would like to do that with the GUI type "gis.m" immediately
after you enter the "xy"location and look for the respective import
tools under File > Import raster (vector) map ***



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