[GRASS-user] r.to.vect to selected locations only

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 06:31:54 EDT 2008

> (r.what or v.what.rast) -> r.reclass -> MASK -> 'g.region zoom='

> (r.what or v.what.rast) -> r.reclass -> r.grow -> 'g.region rast='

r.reclass would reclass all the areas having the same value as the one
from r.what, so it's not guaranteed that just the area around the
specified point is considered. Am I wrong?

Are you sure r.grow is useful? As far as I've unserstood it makes a
sort of r.buffer+r.patch, based on a buffer radii, not inspecting the
pixel values...

Yes r.mapcalc can do the work, but I was tinking to something like
r.lake... Maybe it's more performant. Ok, proabibly it should be
written with a C routine not bash.

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