[GRASS-user] New User Getting Started

Brock Anderson brocka at uvic.ca
Tue Jun 24 14:25:21 EDT 2008

Hi Folks,

I'm new to GRASS, and I'm hoping somebody can give me some advice to  
get me started...

I have two netcdf raster grids.  One is seafloor age, the other is  
seafloor depth.  The files both cover the same geographic area,  
although the grids are different resolutions.

What I want to do is plot a simple x-y graph of seafloor age vs.  
depth, where each point in my graph represents the a seafloor age  
grid cell and the intersecting seafloor depth cell.

Can this be done?  Can anyone suggest some basic steps to get me  
started?  No instruction is too basic for me -- this is my first day  
with GRASS.  I have just installed GRASS (and R, just in case it's  
necessary), but otherwise I have no idea how to proceed.


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