[GRASS-user] slope along defined section (e.g. road, stream,)

Konstanin Ochs ochs at biom.uni-freiburg.de
Wed Jun 25 03:23:51 EDT 2008

I am trying to get the profile (height) of a road network. I am following a
similar idea than you, but have troubles to get it working (mainly because
I have problems with the syntax of awk and grep). Maybe you could explain
what happens in each line of your script so it is easier for me to
understand ...

thanks ,

#spearfish datasetVMAP=railroadsQMAP=slopeOUT=rr_slope_pointsv.out.ascii
"$VMAP" format=standard | grep '^ [0-9]' | \   grep -v ^' 1 ' | awk '{print
$1 "," $2}' | \   r.profile -g -c in="$QMAP" --quiet 2> /dev/null | \  
grep -v ' \* ' | cut -f1,2,4,5 -d' ' | \   v.in.ascii x=1 y=2 out="$OUT"
fs=space \     columns='x double, y double, slope double, GRASSRGB
varchar(11)'d.vect -a "$OUT" size=0 width=2(line vertices only; bug:
includes profiles between line jumps...)Hamish</pre>

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