[GRASS-user] Use GRASS as a web-application?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat May 10 09:05:19 EDT 2008

Jachym wrote:
> > http://pywps.wald.intevation.org is here for this
> > purpose 
> > if you prefer java, look after 52north wps
> > implementation

Paul wrote:
> Also, GRASS-links at http://pnwpest.org/glinks/ is a much
> older implementation that was somewhat ahead of its time -
> probably only of interest for historical reference purposes
> but it seems to still work. I'm not sure which version of
> GRASS that demo implementation runs on but I suspect it is
> 4.x. It might be updateable to use more recent versions 
> though. Depends on what you need I suppose.

I noticed something impressive submitted to the screenshots suggestions wiki page the other day:
* CSISS/GMU contributions: GRASS_based geospatial web services

see links at


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