[GRASS-user] Panning with r.profile or the gis.m profiler

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu May 15 21:46:35 EDT 2008

> For your pipeline, the better solution is to use the
> r.profile module that underlies the interactive profiler.
> Set your computational region to match your entire pipeline
> with g.region.
> Then put the xy coordinates of the transect nodes into
> r.profile, along with the interval parameter (how often do
> you want an elevation calcuated). It
> will output a text file with the coordinates and elevations
> for each point along the transect with the interval you specify.

or to avoid manual labor: v.extract the pipeline in question, then 'v.out.ascii format=standard'-> r.profile. or another way, v.to.points [-v|-i] + v.what.rast or v.extrude + v.out.ascii or 'v.to.db coor' + v.db.select.



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