[GRASS-user] Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] use of color palettes with vector data

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Tue May 20 10:48:39 EDT 2008

On 20/05/08 10:02, Stéphanie Faroux wrote:
>>> I'd like to know if it's possible to use color palettes with vector 
>>> data.
>>> I have point vector data (for example, altitude), and i'd like to 
>>> apply a
>>> palette automatically, on the symbols representing the value points 
>>> (like
>>> circles).
>>> I saw i can define a new column GRASSRBG in the dbf table associated 
>>> to my
>>> vector layer. But it's not very easy, because i have 10000 points in my
>>> area. I could set values of the palette with rules on the z column, 
>>> but it
>>> would be nicer if existing palettes could be chosen.

You can also try Hamish' v.colors script in the Add-Ons:


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