[GRASS-user] mosaic with landsat geotiff

Juan Manuel Barreneche jumanbar at gmail.com
Tue May 20 14:19:19 EDT 2008

First i want to thank for all those who tryied to help.

Unfortunately i'm still stucked with the mosaic problem: landsat images taken 
in different days won't overlay well, and i can't find a way to force them... 
isn't there an easy way to correct this by knowing the date of the image and 
how much the satellite shifts it's position each time it passes the same 
spot? or maybe another way??

thank you all,


PD.. to the answers of Daniel and Maciej (or Maciek?):

Daniel: seeing that the images taken on the same day (and the same orbit) do 
fit perfectly, i tend to think that what happens with CBERS images do not 
happen with landsat5 images, but that's just a guess (else, i suppose that 
the boundaries wouldn't be goerreferenced and hence, wouldn't fit in the 

Maciek: i tryied to deal with that problem and created another location, where 
i succesfully reprojected my landsat images. The thing is, i still have the 
overlay problem...

El Viernes, 9 de Mayo de 2008 04:10, Maciej Sieczka escribió:
> Juan Manuel Barreneche pisze:
> > [These images come labeled by the orbit
> > of the satellite and the "point", which is the number of image of the
> > sequence of said orbit, and are in UTM projection (resolution 30m x
> > 30m)]
> Juan,
> Different UTM zones are different coordinate systems. If you want to
> uses data form two different UTM zones you need to reproject them into a
> common coordinate system first. Finding such a system is up to you.
> Reprojection can be accomplished with gdalwarp. If you need to do it in
> GRASS there is r.proj.
> Maciek

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