[GRASS-user] Re: Problem with creating layer 2 data

J. Brian Adams brian.adams at fandm.edu
Fri May 23 16:28:36 EDT 2008

As a followup, when I created the second layer I used

v.db.connect  map=baseMap driver=sqlite table=CountyData key=FIPS  

There is a column in baseMap called FIPS but it is not the category  
data. Is the link with the attribute table from layer 1 automatic?  Do  
I need to create a cat field in CountyData? If I do, how to I link it  
with the FIPS column in baseMap?

Because of the possibility that there are multiple vector regions for  
a county in baseMap, there are many cases of repeated values for the  
FIPS data, but they are unique in CountyData.

Could another possibility be in how I imported the data into SQLite?   
I used a straight forward db.copy of a DBF file.

This is Grass 6.3 on OS X.  I read that there was a problem with  
labeling on layer 1 with 6.2, but is the same type problem?

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