[GRASS-user] again help

M S mseibel at gmail.com
Wed May 28 10:22:14 EDT 2008

the program will know the types of geometry you are working with in
the file, based upon the type you digitize into it.

if you use v.digit and add "lines", it will be aware of lines and
report them with v.info or after it is built for topology when exiting

If you add boundaries, it will expect a centroid to be in the
boundary, and the boundary to be closed. It turns green when it is

when you have a boundary and a centroid, and it exits/builds, it will
report the areas, which will be your polygons.

On 5/28/08, Isabel Alfaro Cardozo <isabelalfaro at gmail.com> wrote:
> i dont understand how to let the program know if im working with a point
> layer, a line layer or a poligon layer. the program allows me to have all
> kinds of elements in one file. how do i deal with this?
> thanks a lot for the help

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