[GRASS-user] Re: link to datasets from other locations?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 4 23:53:34 EDT 2009

Tim Michelsen wrote:
> How do I get my data from the testing location into the
> location my main project location?
> By file system based copying?

Yes. If you are sure the projections of the locations are the
same, move the entire mapset over.

you may have to reconnect databases if you set them to non-
relative path names.
> Then, I hope that the GRASS 7 vector format will not store
> the attribute table in a direcory separate from the
> geographica information.

DBs are not a child of a particular map, they are just associated
with it.

> Why does the g.mapset command (http://grass.itc.it/gdp/html_grass64/g.mapset.html) not
> contain a remove option?

because it is dangerous, and 'rm -rf' is pretty easy and the user
should well understand the implications of that command. it is
possible from the starup GUI, but I've never been fully
convinced that's a good idea.

> Imagine a shared location with common data
> such as world borders or GSHHS.
> It would not be space efficient to import such
> large data into every new project.

The way I do it is to have a location called "ll_wgs84" which
has mapsets gshhs, etopo2, canada, modis, etc.

and other locations called "utm_58" or whatever.

but it is up to you to decide how to organize your mapsets, the
definition is left to the user so that they can organize their
data in a way which is most useful to them (eg split mapsets by
time; region; data source; job; user; etc)

see earlier posts about methods to symlink mapsets if you want
to share mapsets between locations (with warnings).



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