[GRASS-user] AVIRIS data in GRASS

Michael Perdue michael_perdue at yahoo.ca
Mon Jul 6 16:21:26 EDT 2009

I was able to generate a ENVI style header that will allow you to read  
the files with GDAL. Modify as necessary and you should be able to  
work with the *.img files.

On 5-Jul-09, at 6:56 PM, Michael Perdue wrote:

> ... you might be able to manipulate GDAL to read it. If you can  
> create a header file for a generic binary file that will provide  
> GDAL with the number of rows, columns, byte order, #channels, # of  
> bytes/sample and the interleave method then you can tell GDAL how to  
> read it.
> On 5-Jul-09, at 3:49 PM, Dylan Beaudette wrote:
>>  I
>> have tried working with the "radiance" data, which when uncompressed
>> comes with several .img files-- however my copy of GDAL does not know
>> what to make of it. It looks like it may be possible [2] to import  
>> the
>> data using r.in.bin... I was not able to get this working.



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